ADS-B and Multilateration Solutions

Saab Multilateration is a field-proven certified technology that is addressing some of today’s most challenging surveillance scenarios, from the runways and taxiways of the world’s busiest airports to remote mountain ranges. 

Saab’s latest generation of hardware and software is modular, flexible, and cost effective. On the airport surface Multilateration and ADS-B provide a powerful complement to traditional Surface Movement Radar (SMR). Both technologies are based on a network of distributed sensors that track transponder equipped aircraft and vehicles providing valuable data to controllers that non-cooperative surveillance can’t provide. And they do so in any weather conditions. For wide area surveillance applications, Multilateration and ADS-B offer more economical and technologically feasible alternatives for providing surveillance in areas where traditional radar coverage is impractical.

Saab has a proven track record of deploying fully operational and certified systems that address the most difficult Multilateration & ADS-B surveillance challenges and installation environments. These include off-shore oil platforms, severe terrain, and both arctic and desert locations. These systems have had to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding customers in the market such as ASA (Australia), Nav Canada, NATS (UK), Avinor (Norway), the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration, and many more.


Multilateration uses multiple (at least three) sensors to calculate the location and identification of an aircraft or vehicle-mounted transponder. Surveillance data output can be fused into an A-SMGCS or en route ATC radar display, or be displayed on its own. Multilateration works with standard Mode S and Mode A/C transponder equipment. 

Airport Surface

Provides surface surveillance data for Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (A-SMGCS) or Surface Management Systems such as Aerobahn.

Terminal & Wide Area

Provides surveillance in the approach, terminal or en route airspace, or provides surveillance where traditional radar is impractical due to terrain. These deployments are called Wide Area Multilateration (WAM). 

Special Use Airspace (SUA)

Provides surveillance of highly maneuverable, mixed vehicle traffic in restricted (e.g. military) airspace.

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