GNSS Technologies

We have partnered with pioneers of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellite navigation technologies within critical markets such as those that directly affect safety of citizens, national strategy, or the way business is conducted. We ensure your positioning and navigation is accurate, reliable, safe, secure, resilient and robust. We develop and deliver GNSS-based services, systems, solutions, and intellectual property and are proud to be Europe's leading GNSS company and one of the UK's leading space companies.


Thru our meaningful partnership we can offer a complete set of tools to monitor the quality of satellite navigation. With each tool offering state of the art capability, the combined set creates the world’s most comprehensive solution for safeguarding your GNSS investment.

Capability of our GNSS Environment tools
These tools are tried and tested across numerous market sectors including aviation, maritime, timing, critical infrastructure and communications, and include:

GISMO - software that analyses the measurements from GNSS satellites
DETECTOR - hardware that records, and software that analyses, the RF signals in the GNSS spectrum
SAGE - professional grade reference station hardware to record measurements from GNSS satellites
TESTING SERVICES - a combination of tools, facilities and resources to test end to end GNSS based systems.


Our partner NSL is the leader in server-side Galileo PRS receiver solutions, developing the technology that unlocks PRS for mass-market use.
The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) uses encrypted ranging signals making it inherently secure against spoofing attacks. This service is for exclusive access to government authorised users. Conventional PRS receivers would incorporate a keyed security module to be able to receive the signals. 

Together with UK partners QinetiQ and Airbus D&S, NSL has developed an alternative solution. Codenamed EXPLORERS, this cloud-receiver system delivers secure positioning, navigation and timing. The distributed EXPLORERS architecture places all classified Galileo cryptographic processing in a secure service centre thereby reducing cost and operational requirements on the user terminals. 

EXPLORERS cloud systems open up the use of authenticated GNSS to a much wider range of public services where it is critical to ensure that the position and/or timing information can be trusted. Cloud services make PRS suitable to many more uses by enabling affordable and secure terminals that remove limitations associated with cryptographic material and key distribution. See external press releases regarding our PRS solutions and some of the world firsts achieved by NSL and partners in the development of this technology.

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