The r-TWR - Remote Tower control solution - is a revolutionary initiative for airport stakeholders and Air Traffic Control. For the first time, there is a real possibility to combine a dynamic use of resources, information sharing and safety enhancement features at a preferred and safe location. 

A number of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports have already recognised the potential of r-TWR. With parallel deployment activities worldwide, the Saab r-TWR product is consolidated as unique market leader. 

Saab is very proud to be the prime r-TWR concept developer. Having cooperated closely with all stakeholders, the product has a high degree of standardisation and usability. Vital parameters such as cost-effectiveness and safety are guaranteed.

Many positive effects from a new arena
The Saab r-TWR can be presented and adapted in many forms and is the ideal solution when seeking a primary ATC location for airport and approach operations. 

In key performance areas such as safety, cost reduction, and interoperability, r-TWR represents the perfect solution for:
• Replacement of outdated TWR facilities
• Provision of TWR services at new airports
• Merging two or more existing ATC sites into one
• Contingency plan to guarantee continuity of ATC service provision 

The cost-saving potential of not needing to build a new TWR facility is immense.

r-TWR enables an ATC facility to be activated on demand, thereby guaranteeing continuity of airport operations at maximum cost efficiency. The r-TWR platform is fully scalable, permitting operational views of up to 360 degrees. The Information sharing process, vital for the modern airport CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) initiative, is also maintained through system

Enhanced safety opportunities
Several small ATC facilities can be merged in the r-TWR to form a centre, allowing small and isolated ATC units to benefit from technology sharing and support capability.

Maintenance costs are reduced and personnel allocation can be optimised. The r-TWR Centre solution meets the requirements of high-efficiency, cost-reduction and staff allocation. 

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